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Ordering Information

Medical license must be on file. Proper identification will be required from institutions.


Custom-made Products

Specific non-stocked products have been identified as made-to-order items based on low utilization. Delivery will be a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks.


Premium Allergens

Specific products have been designated as premium allergens due to low utilization, decreased availability of source materials, increased costs associated with the collection/extraction process, and/or market conditions. These items carry a surcharge.



All our Allergen products are made to order to provide you with the maximum possible shelf-life. CREDISOL Skin Prick Test Allergens, CREDISOL Patch Test Allergens and CREDISOL Concentrated Allergens for Research Purposes have a delivery time of 10-14 days.


CREDISOL Subcutaneous Treatment Set and Maintenance Set have a minimum delivery time of 20 days from date of receipt of order.


Kindly place your orders well in advance.



We require complete advance payment for order processing. All prices are in INR. All prices are subject to change without notice. We accept payment via NEFT, cheque, DD or cash deposit.



We warrant only that solutions in unopened and undamaged vials are sterile and correctly labeled. Once shipment is made, we have no control over storage conditions, methods of usage, or dosage administered.


To email, write to:  

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